Cyan is a plant growth regulator designed to increase, even out and compress flowering. Earlier bud break can also be achieved in deciduous crops creating an earlier harvest date for fruit. Cyan…

Cylas Pro Cap

Sweet Potato Weevil Lure - Phereomone (6-8weeks) Bucket Trap Required

Diamond Back Moth Lure

Diamondback Moth Lure - Pheromone (4-6weeks) Delta Trap required

Dinon 700WG

For control of a range of diseases in pome fruit, stone fruit and vines. Contains: 700g/kg dithianon


For the control of black spot in apples and pears, and leaf curl and blossom blight in peaches and nectarines. This product possesses eradicant as well as protective properties. When applied within…

Dusting Sulphur

For the control of powdery mildew of pumpkins, marrows, grapes, paw paws and of citrus rust mite in citrus. Contains:  930g/kg sulphur NASAA Certificate


Liquid formulation is easy to mix and easy to use. Rapid penetration and good absorption. Contains no nitrogen, sulphates or chlorides. Compatible with a wide range of pesticides. No harmful…