Induces the production of phytoalexins assisting the plant when under stress. Can be safely included in a disease management program, together with fungicides and bactericides. Compatible with most…

Ambitious 10SL

A very active plant growth regulator for sizing kiwifruit and apples, with cytokinin activity which accelerates cell division, cell number and cell size. Promotes fruit enlargement as a result.…

Armigera Pro Cap

Cotton Bollworm, Corn Earworm Lure - Pheromone (6-8weeks) Delta Trap Required


BAPSoL contains 6-benzyladenine (BA) a plant growth regulator for use as a secondary fruitlet thinner of apples and pears. BAPSoL also increases fruit size in some small fruiting apple cultivars.…

BB5 Platinum

BB5 platinum improves spray performance in a safer and more eco-friendly manner than competitive surfactants. BB5 platinum adjusts pH in water to the ideal pH range of 4.5 – 5.5 without the…


Bee-scent attractant is a liquid formulation containing attractants that can direct honey bees to treated blossoms for improved crop pollination bee-scent's chemistry includes pheromones which…

BioTrap DDVP Cubes

For use in enclosed traps for fruit fly monitoring in commercial orchards. Contains: 14.7g (10 x 1.47g) Dichlorvos

Bordeaux WG

For control of a wide range of diseases and bacteria  in nut crops, fruit crops, pome fruit, stone fruit, vines, vegetables, and ornamentals. Contains: 200g/KG tri-basic copper sulphate


Completely soluble at recommended rates and will not precipitate in cold temperatures. Compatible with most pesticides and other plant nutrients. Formulated for application or fertigation to prevent…


A liquid Manganese, Zinc, Boron, Molybdenum and Cobalt supercomplex derived from plant carbohydrates PolyAldoCarbosate Chelated formulation. Readily accepted by the plant.