Frankiniella Pro Cap

Western Flower Thrip Lure - Pheromone (6-8weeks) Sticky Trap Required

Frugiperda Pro Plus Caps

Fall Armyworm - pheromone (6-8weeks) Bucket trap required DDVP Cubes required for kill

NoMate CM spirals

CM mating disruption agent for control of low infestations of codling moth (cydia pomonella) in apple and pear trees. Contains: 135 mg/spiral (E,E)-8,10-DODECADIEN-1-OL

NoMate OFM spirals

NoMate OFM will not directly control any pest other than oriental fruit moth. NoMate OFM should not be used in orchards with trees of widely varying height and large gaps, in small sections of…

Plutella Pro Caps – M2i

Diamondback Moth Lure - Pheronome (6-8weeks) Delta Trap Required

Sordi Pro Cap

Black Banana Weevil Lure - Pheromone (6-8weeks) Pitfall Trap required