Clama 50SC

For the control of Diamondback Moth (Cabbage Moth) and Cabbage White Butterfly in Brassica Vegetables, Light brown Apple Moth and Grapevine Moth in Grapes and Heliothis in Capsicum, Lettuce, Sweet…

Grochem Lime Sulphur

Fungicide, acaricide, insecticide for use against the diseases as indicated and directed on the label. Thinning: Lime Sulphur acts to reduce fruit set primarily by directly damaging flowers on…

Microsul WG Elite

For the control of powdery mildew, rust and mites in various fruit and vegetable crops. Contains: 800g/kg sulphur NASAA Certificate


For the control of Powdery Mildew, Rust and Mites in various fruit and vegetable crops. Contains: 800g/KG sulphur

NoMate CM spirals

CM mating disruption agent for control of low infestations of codling moth (cydia pomonella) in apple and pear trees. Contains: 135 mg/spiral (E,E)-8,10-DODECADIEN-1-OL

NoMate OFM spirals

NoMate OFM will not directly control any pest other than oriental fruit moth. NoMate OFM should not be used in orchards with trees of widely varying height and large gaps, in small sections of…



For the control of lightbrown apple moth on apples & pears (pome fruit), blueberries, citrus, grapevines and kiwifruit; and for the control of various other lepidopteran pests of almonds, apples…