Like beyondblue, it is key to our company that we provide our customers and the local community with quality support when using our unique range of copper products.
Grochem continues to develop new and innovative solutions to ease the burden of disease control within the horticultural industry.

Bordeaux WG
$5 donation (each 15kg bag)

Oxydul DF
$5 donation (each 15kg bag)

Coppox WG
$5 donation (each 15kg bag)

Hydrocop WG
$5 donation (each 10kg bag)

Tribasic Liquid
$5 donation (each 20L drum)
$50 donation (each 200L drum)
$200 donation (each 800L drum)

Contact your local Grochem Sales Manager for more information

Ben Coombe
Mobile: 0447 300 959

Melanie Weber
WA/SA including Mildura and Robinvale
Mobile: 0402 310 854

Ashleigh Knight
Mobile: 0447 578 157